My Märklin rail layout

HO UK model rail

Added LED lighting above the layout

I was disappointed with how the rear of the layout appeared especially in low light, so I decided to install a roll of LED lighting beneath the newly installed shelving, … Continue reading

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Latest images from the new layout

Here’s a video of the layout:  

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Terra-forming the hills

Using foam insulation of 75mm, cut and stepped back to form a tunnel over the rear tracks Note the use of the grey Gorilla tape – very useful for wrapping … Continue reading

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New Buildings

Started on making some Faller building kits today.

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Another 74491 modified!

During construction I needed to modify another point motor. This time it appeared to be sticking on one of its blue wires so I followed the video and made the … Continue reading

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Another layout change

As of July 2019 I’ve begun remodelling my layout with a high level reversing loop and eventually a remodel of the town and its hills at the rear. This provides … Continue reading

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New Märklin CS3 60216 Video

No great innovations in the latest CS3 60216 plus – what the plus is I don’t know. The iPhone app for Märklin is out and describes the 60216 Click image … Continue reading

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My three locomotives running

Click image below to view video: My three digital locomotives running for the first time on my 3 * 1 metre layout

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CS3 on the way

As I predicted the replacement for the Märklin 60215 has been announced on the Mä website, and then the announcement was quickly removed. I’ve seen this ‘tactic’ used before with … Continue reading

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Benchwork – home insulation foam sheets

I’ve had a few requests for how I made the benchwork which I thought I had already described here However perhaps these photos from my first 2013-15 layout are more … Continue reading

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