My Märklin – digital rail layout

HO UK model rail

Arcomora DCCNext

First! I wanted to find out more about DCC, about which all I know it is a protocol for model railways. And that is it! I know my CS3+ can … Continue reading

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22 Sep 2020 & 8 Oct 2020 I haven’t a great sense of smell and my wife warned me of a burning smell in my rail room. Ignoring her has … Continue reading

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A busy day

19 Sep 2020 Today added 9 street lights and 2 track contact sensors. The street light were installed as a string of 3 sets of 3 lights. These 12v lamps … Continue reading

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3 trains running

16 Sep 2020 Today successfully running 3 locomotives one after the other. Starting at the higher level the BR 24 travels out of Neuenburg station and down passing around Stolzberg … Continue reading

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Minor success with Events & Macros

7 Sep 2020 It is with some pleasure that I achieved my first EVENT involving more than one macro working this evening. It may not be tidy, efficient or even … Continue reading

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An event full day

Today I began my research into the Märklin CS3 events. As I now have working, 21 track feedback sensors, it was time to get my head around these mysterious events. … Continue reading

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Centre rail track feedback using s88 AC – 60881 working!

I’m starting of by stating that what I’m going to be doing here is counter to anything Märklin recommends for contact tracks. Despite me knowing nothing about using the s88 … Continue reading

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Toe dipping in DCC

Recently I decided to solder together an Arduino based, DCC decoder kit which should provide the same kind of functionality as a Märklin 60841 M84 decoder. I intend it to … Continue reading

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Aide memoire: 4 Zone lighting using the m84

I decided to add this post as I’m always forgetting after the event, how I originally set up my wiring. During the recent migration to using the 60216 Central Station, … Continue reading

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Central Station 3 plus

Finally I’ve bitten the bullet and have purchased the Central Station 3 plus, which I have been dreaming about for years (not literally!) Ordering from JoesModellIsenbahn in Germany I ordered … Continue reading

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