My Märklin – digital rail layout

HO UK model rail

Märklin Mobile Station 60653


The Mobile Station 60653 hand controller is attached to 1-2metres of cable which in turn is plugged into the 60113 digital connector/junction box this then connects with two thin wires to the rail track.  The connector/junction box has a socket for the compact low voltage power supply provided with the starter sets.


With its wire the controller allows you to conveniently walk around and operate up to 11 locomotives whose digital ID’s are stored in its memory. As my layout is only 1 x 3 metres the cable is long enough for my needs. This permits  control of locomotive speed and various other unique locomotive functions, as well as points and power switching to track accessories.

I use my controller to operate the three locomotives. including operating the functions of  front and reversing lights, smoke from chimney stack. More sophisticated locomotives appear to have sound effects and inbuilt decouplers front and rear etc. This controller is also used for switching my 8 points/turnouts/switches and 1 decoupler, in addition there are 4 lighting circuits which are turned on and off from here. Its a neat little controller but with no direct connectivity to an external computer, but if and when I get  a CS these  mobile controllers can be plugged into it.


Programmed Locomotive card

Each Märklin digital locomotive comes  with as card on which seems to be stored a variety of characteristics unique to that locomotive. So far I have not detected and real difference between the performance off either of the locomotives I currently operate. Perhaps someone who does know can tell me how to read or write to the card/s so that it works as intended? This card is inserted into the Mobile station and logs itself into the Mobile Station controllers memory. I noticed after some months of using the controller without the card inserted that the locomotive appear to degrade in its performance. Reinserting the card seemed to reinvigorate the memory of the controller.


I have not explored its full range of functions as much of its suspected features are not documented  sufficiently clearly or well with examples in the Mârklin web site. Hopefully this blog/website will go some way towards redressing this.

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