My Märklin rail layout

HO UK model rail

My three locomotives running

Click image below to view video: My three digital locomotives running for the first time on my 3 * 1 metre layout

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CS3 on the way

As I predicted the replacement for the Märklin 60215 has been announced on the Mä website, and then the announcement was quickly removed. I’ve seen this ‘tactic’ used before with … Continue reading

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Benchwork – home insulation foam sheets

I’ve had a few requests for how I made the benchwork which I thought I had already described here However perhaps these photos from my first 2013-15 layout are more … Continue reading

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Da freut sich der Jürgen?

Click image below to view video:  

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Behind the scenes

I’ve been asked about my wiring and scenery. I use wiring blocks which you can possibly see just hanging down in the foreground to link the wiring for the points … Continue reading

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Repaired point motor

A previously working point motor (no.6) was sticking so that it only moved in one direction. Following the You Tube video below – which I’ve used before – I opened … Continue reading

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Video of my 2015 layout

Click the link below to view the video  

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