My Märklin rail layout

HO UK model rail

RocRail – One week in … November 2015

In preparation for the eventual automation of my Märklin layout I’ve delved into using the free (open source available to forum members) program RocRail.

It’s had a steep learning curve for me. Progress has been frustrating as RocRails behaviour on my iMac has not been consistently predictable, nor repeatable! I’ve gone through the MS Windows tutorial on their website, and on the software doesn’t always work as described. I’ve installed up to 4 nightly updates which do seem to be improving the situations, and now I can get the simulated layout I designed to animate correctly. There can be what seems like a 5-10 second delay before anything appears to happen and there appears to be wait delays when inside the blocks.

I’ve set up locomotives, points/switches, blocks and sensors. I can power up, automate and start the animation and run the loco in a virtual mode, but not consistently. When I sent a zip with the issues file to the wiki group, the sensors, I was told weren’t there, so either I wasn’t doing something correctly or they had failed to be saved when I created the issue file!

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 19.03.56

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