My Märklin rail layout

HO UK model rail

Märklin Hardware

Märklin have a full range of equipment that you’d expect from a successful company established last century. Their products are well engineered, with metal die cast locomotive bodies and todays C-track still remaining compatible with the M-track of the 1960’s.

There have been a few black sheep such as point motors that give up after a few hours of use, leading to a lot of internet chat on the Märklin forums. To be fair they can be exchanged for free by Märklin, but apparently for those customers who purchased the point motors outside of Germany the postal costs have been more than most have been prepared to pay. Me included!  I ended up making some modifications I found on the internet and I quickly got them back to work. In the interim, Märklin have improved the design and my latest batch of motors have worked faultlessly.




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