My Märklin – digital rail layout

HO UK model rail

About me …

Hi, my name is Pete Bradbury and I’m a retired secondary school teacher from England. As part of my ‘rehabilitation’ back into this new, real and unfamiliar world of leisure, I was encouraged to do something with my time and this inspired me to emulate something of the layout my german grandfather had, back in the 1960’S. So now in England  I’ve decided to recreate a little bit of Germany!

Without the many demands of teaching, and and with time not an issue, I can concentrate on making my own model rail layout. Hopefully, along the way I’ll learn a variety of techniques in order to make a digital  rail layout controlled by computer. I have a very limited knowledge of basic electronics, although I have dabbled with shop bought kits to make a LED christmas tree and a FM radio. My soldering must be okay because these things work, but the components themselves are black boxes to me and look more like liquorice sweets.

Something I have learnt is that unless I purchase everything I need from Märklin, the use and knowledge of electronics lies at the heart of a functioning system, as well as a thick wallet!










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